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Deuces - PvP/RvR/Bounty Legion - Assisting the recently decesed since Squad 238! Our main focus is PvP/RvR. We are the first ever bounty hunting guild for Star Wars: The old Republic.

How? - By using a Bounty System that we created during Beta Squadron 238. This system's goal is to create a community that will unify and work together. We believe this will capture the eyes of our peers. By following the Bounty System we will assist those that are being "griefed", camped, farmed, etc. We will also assist those needing help with dungeons, quests, and FP's (Flash Points). Through assisting other...they assist us in getting our fill of PvP/RvR, credits, and a reputation to which is respectable but show's we like to party.

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DEUCES Has Launched!!

Daftt, Jan 16, 12 9:17 AM.
Welcome and thank you for taking interest in DEUCES, for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
We have officially launched our guild site. Here is going to be the main hub for all of our activities. The site is a work in-progress so check back soon for many changes!!

Live by This

Daftt, Jan 15, 12 10:21 AM.
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